Thank you again for signing up for email updates from the UA Land Haines timber project. This is a follow up email to the short message we sent on Wednesday. First, I appreciate you making time on the phone and in person over the last few weeks and your willingness to share your perspective on the UA Haines timber sale project. I’m looking forward to talking with you again soon. Please reach out anytime at:

After gathering your feedback, we put together some information about what our engagement will look like moving forward.

As the Haines timber sale project moves forward, the University of Alaska, Land Management Office (UA Land) will continue its community engagement in the Haines/Chilkat Valley area by promoting communication and information exchange. UA Land will be setting up a website, email list and other materials for that purpose, and will engage with any local community group. The goal is to foster a two-way positive flow of information regarding the 10­-year timber project.

As a land-grant university, the University of Alaska develops its investment lands to support its education mission in conformance with Board of Regents’ Policy, University Regulations, and these guiding principles: Value, Best Practice, Community Engagement and Partnerships.

Like all UA Land Trust projects, income generated from the Haines timber sale supports University programs. The current project is expected to contribute to the local economy and provide more than 20 jobs. As the project develops, the university and buyer are committed to working with the Haines community to utilize the local workforce.

UA Land anticipates that community input will benefit residents, the buyer, and the university. The hope is that the information exchange will enhance the project’s positive economic impacts for local businesses and individuals in a long-term, iterative way.

The ultimate goal is to identify and share positive opportunities, ideas and related actions that will support the health and economy of the Chilkat Valley.

How can someone engage in the process?
UA Land is committed to keeping the community informed about news related to the timber project. Its primary focus is to provide a two-way information exchange.

Website: UA Land will be establishing a webpage where community members will be able to find information such as surveys, reports and appropriate new data connected with the timber project.
Email distribution list: UA Land created an email list so that people can receive updates about the project including community meetings, employment, and new economic opportunities that may result from the project.
Database: After someone signs up for the email list, they will be invited to fill out the survey about their interests in the community. This information can be shared with the university and timber contractor for future employment and vendor services, and more. The database will be coming soon.
Community meetings: UA Land will continue to hold community-wide meetings in Haines to inform and gather local input on the timber sale/harvest process.
All residents of the Haines/Chilkat Valley community are welcome to join the database and the email list. Any interested person or organization based in the Haines community can sign up for the email update list:

Community groups
Many people in the Chilkat Valley have expressed an interest in participating in a committee or community group to give feedback on the timber project. UA Land will engage equally with any locally-formed community group but will not be involved in forming them.

Additional information

Morgan Howard will serve as facilitator and point of contact for UA Land on issues relating to the Haines/Chilkat Valley community engagement. He can be reached directly at:
The Statewide Office of Public Affairs will continue to handle all media inquiries. Staff can be reached at:
Any community group or individual will have the opportunity for input.
UA Land will continue to update the Board of Regents on the project’s progress.