A big thank you to everyone who could make time to visit with the UA Land team this week.

We’d like to give you a brief summary and keep everyone in the loop, especially those who could not attend.  We tried to reach as many people as possible and are committed to hearing from everyone as we move forward.

We started our visit at Mountain Market on Monday morning with about 20 people stopping by to chat.  We heard from private land owners and members of the HEDC board.  We heard a lot of specific questions, some about access to trails during the morning chat.

Next we headed to the Chamber of Commerce luncheon with a full room of about 25 people.  We heard a variety of questions about training and job opportunities, along with opportunities for local timber operations.  People also asked about how roads will be maintained post-logging.

We welcomed approximately 50 people at our community meeting at ANB/ANS Hall on Monday evening.  At the beginning we promised to stay until every question was answered and we did, and we stayed afterwards to answer individual questions.

On Tuesday morning, we went back for coffee at Mountain Market and visited with a few more folks.  Thanks again to everyone who stopped by!

What’s next?

  • One of the questions we heard at our meetings was “What do you do with the input you receive during these meetings?” The UA Land office is committed to listening to the Haines community and responding when appropriate. As we answer questions, we share them through this email newsletter as well as post them on our website at ualandhaines.com/faqs.
  • When possible, we take action to address concerns from the community. For example, recently we heard from many community members question about hunting on University property. Currently, hunting is not allowed on any University property.  However, the UA Land office is looking for an exception for Haines residents to hunt on the west side of the Chilkat River. We will keep you up to date when have more information.
  • During these meetings, we were asked, “When are you coming back again?” We are looking into having quarterly visits to Haines. We also understand the importance of having more of a presence, as a good neighbor in the Chilkat Valley. So, we are looking at the possibility of hiring a local person in Haines as a caretaker of our lands. Please stay tuned.

Again, thank you to everyone for making time. Please continue to reach out, anytime.