Offices closed due to earthquake

A 7.0 earthquake struck just seven miles north of Anchorage early Friday morning. The University of Alaska Land Management office remains closed until Wednesday. Luckily, damages were minimal and nobody was hurt. Staff members and their families are all safe.

In case you missed it—UA Land Office staff transitionsChief Land Officer Christine Klein and Regional Resource Manager Patrick Kelly have handed the reins over to Regional Resource Manager Laura Carmack and Business Manager Elaine Main. Jerry Kilanowski will also continue on as forester, and UA Land is looking into hiring a local caretaker in Haines. Please stay tuned. “I’m really glad we made the trip to Haines last week and had a chance to meet people in person. Elaine and I look forward to answering their questions as we move forward,” said Laura Carmack.

Website launched!

The Haines timber project website is up and running since the community meeting last week at ( . We will be adding FAQs as we go and adding resources as well. In case you missed last week’s meeting, all of the materials are on the site.

Database for economic opportunities

At the community meeting we mentioned that we are putting together a database of people who are interested in jobs, contracts, training or other economic opportunities connected with the timber project. Once the purchaser is selected, UA Land office will share this information with them. If you are interested, please email us your name and any information about what you are looking for. We will then contact you with more specific questions so that we can compile the information.